2021 SA Cohort

2021 Startups

Al Majarra Studios

Al Majarra Studios (AMS) is an entertainment company that provides a storytelling outlet in the form of animation and live-action TV shows and movies about Muslims.

Atifa Hoque

Team Leader

Samiha Hoque

Apply HUB

ApplyHUB is a time and headache saving AI-powered web platform that automates the job application process and optimizes resumes to increase graduates’ chances of landing a job.

Sheik Floradewan

Team Leader

Atsouco Louis

Jeison Montoya

Farheen Zaman

Code With Me

Encouraging students to get into stem.

Mahamud Babu

Team Leader

Edwin Pineda


Connectern is a centralized website for high school and undergraduate students to find workshops, programs, and internships that cater to their individual ambitions.

Christal Jean-Soverall

Team Leader

Alena Cradle-Morgan

Natalia Sandor

Hadja Doumbouya


DocIt is a SaaS web application platform that provides software developers with a toolkit for easier, simpler, and more efficient communication of richer technical documentation.

Pavlo Aleksyeyev

Team Leader

Francesco Pecora

Dmitriy Polumiskov


FAFSA Buddy is a digital product in the form of a free website and mobile application for students and colleges that simplifies the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) application and the overall financial aid process. 

Brandon Malhotra

Team Leader

Sunrise Hope

Golden Circle

Golden Circle is an ecosystem that allows the aging population to stay engaged, take charge of their lives, and discover new ways to thrive. 

Man Nga Chan

Team Leader

Rose Sauls


Hive is a centralized job tracking platform that provides a community for job seekers to share their recruiting experiences with peers.

Silvija Skemaite

Team Leader

Andrew Liang

Lauren Yoon

Jonathan Tsui

Benjamin Huang

Riley Zhou

Anirudh Murthy

David Lan


Hydrink is a new hydration system composed of three products; a smart water bottle with an interface application capable of tracking the amount of your daily drink, find the bottle in case it is misplaced, etc. 

Jader Beltre

Team Leader

Yocasta Medina


IvyScope is an online platform modeled after Airbnb that serves as a medium for high schoolers to book college tours. Profiles of hosts (college students) will be available for high schoolers to choose from and can be filtered by college, major, career interest, etc. 

Jin Qiu

Team Leader

Tian Zhang

Alan Jin

Project Get Back on Your Feet

Our mission is to create a mobile functional fitness center that provides access to physical training, nutritional coaching and healthcare resources to communities across Long Island and the greater New York City area.

Zainab Nasar

Team Leader

Hamza Khilji


A platform that helps people keep track of the applications they send to companies. Overall, we want to make the entire process as easy as possible.

Harry Chen

Team Leader

Oscar Chong

Michael Tan


TapArt is an online marketplace empowering independent digital artists globally to sell their designs in the form of wall art products.

Srikaran Masabathula

Team Leader

Eduardo Perez


The Tap Network consists of two parts, a physical product, and a software component. The physical product is called a Tap Card which is basically a smart business card, it incorporates NFC technology so a customer can use the card to share their information by just tapping it on a person’s phone. The software component is a social media website.

Nafis Noor

Team Leader

Sabira Sabur

Jannatul Ferdous

Divya Dommaraju

Keon Jeffers-Alleyne