2020 PHIA Cohort

2020 PHIA Ventures

AwareHealth Inc.

A startup that has developed an evidence-based mental well-being platform that is tailored for each community – providing interactive therapy tools, social support from peers, and group coaching with well-being experts who understand each community.

Isabella W.

Param Kulkarni

Team Leader

Stephan Brown

Candlelit Therapy

Candlelit Therapy is the world’s first platform to make culturally-competent behavioral healthcare accessible to expectant moms at-risk of mental illness.

Lauren Elliot

Team Leader

Ivie Igbeare

Pooja Umathe


A Healthcare platform to help family members care for the rapidly growing worldwide aging population.

John Saeteros

Team Leader

Rances Tremols


An AI-powered analytics collaborative fueled through a partnership between two emerging SaaS companies seeking creative solutions to the world’s biggest challenges. The product is a voice-enabled, touch-free survey platform to query patients and healthcare professionals.

Edward Faustin

Team Leader

Theo Goetemann

Curvin Leatham


A multi-layer graphene-infused textile mask for blocking COVID-19 viral particles.

Linh Le

Team Leader

George Kenefati

Laura Saracho


A therapeutic smart compression vest that helps people with neurological differences and people who are dealing with high levels of stress and anxiety. The vest squeezes a person from all directions, creating the sensation of a deep, healing hug. This is a therapeutic concept known as “deep pressure touch.”

Pamela Cooper

Team Leader

Michael Morath


A contact tracing application that uses Bluetooth mesh networks, CDC infection rate and graph database to advise people to when they are at higher risk of being exposed to COVID-19 in realtime.

Zachary Shaked

Team Leader

Thomas Jumper


An application that empowers individuals to learn more about chronic illness to improve self-health management.

Bon K. Sy

Team Leader

Michael Wassil

Bilal Zahid

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