2020 Ideas 2 Impact Demo Week

2020 Demo Week

November 9th 10:00 am to
November 13th 1:00 pm

Join us for our Virtual Demo Week Event as CUNY’s boldest and brightest students pitch their business plans to you and a panel of judges. This innovative event will be held on TWO platforms – Zoom and Discord. Discord will be used for the showcase taking place Monday through Thursday. Zoom will be used for the Demo Day Competition on Friday. 

Demo week begins on November 9, 2020 on Discord and ends with Zoom Demo Day Competition on Friday November 13, 2020. 

Monday – Thursday (11/9 – 11/12)
Platform Used: Discord
Discord link to view the Showcases: https://discord.gg/cgNSGpSfsS

Friday (11/13)
Platform Used: Zoom
Link to View Zoom Event: https://baruch.zoom.us/j/82473188629

Special Thanks to our Partner


Banco Santander S.A

Voting for Fan Favorite

November 9th - 13th

You can vote for your favorite student startup team through the use of a very cool app known as the PRE App. All you have to do is download the iPhone Pre app or the  Android Pre app to view startup videos and vote for your favorite startups. 

Once you download the app, please make sure to create an “investor” account and join our event with a code that we will make public at 10AM on Monday Nov. 9th. So, check back here for the code.

Student Teams

Aisle Hunter

Aisle Hunter is a mobile application that allows people to locate items inside of a store, see specials and discounts, and find nearby stores that have the products they are looking after.

Luis Casado

Medgar Evers, Team Lead

Mariama Faye


Apply Hub

ApplyHUB is a time and headache saving AI-powered web platform that automates the job application process and optimizes resumes to increase graduates’ chances of landing a job.

Sheik Floradewan

Baruch, Team Lead

Adam Miah


Atsouco Saint Louis

John Jay

Crystal & Bone

Crystal & Bone is sustainable + Stylish home decor for the finishing touches of your home.

We source quality decor items that personalize the story of each room.

Shop our curated online assortment of high-end contemporary design that reflect your conscientious values and personal style.

Janet Igah

CCNY, Team Lead

Jacklyn Okunola

Thornevald Nugent



DocIt is a SaaS web application platform that provides Software Engineers with the toolkit needed for easier, simpler, and more efficient communication of complex technical documentation.

Pavlo Aleksyeyev

CCNY, Team Lead


Streamline sustainable education and innovation with a suite of products and services. We are offering the world way to participate in building the next generation of clean technology.

Sam Frons

CCNY, Team Lead

Daniella Plasencia


A centralized website platform that directly connects high school students to internships that cater to their ambitions.

Christal Jean-Soverall

NYCCT, Team Lead

Hadja Doumbouya


Natalia Sandor

College of Staten Island

Project Get Back on Your Feet

A non-profit organization that aims to provide accessibility to health resources and fitness training to low-income communities across Long Island and the greater New York City area.

Zainab Nasar

Team Lead

Hamza Khilji


We create fitness apparel that’s embedded with electrochemical sensors that interact with you via our fitness program app during your workouts. Acting as a personal trainer it will instruct you for correct form, effectiveness, motivation etc.

Silvia Soto


Tahmid Zaman


King Ting Helen Wong



We are a smartphone application that translates signs and labels into audio using barcodes.

We reduce the barrier for visually impaired people to equally and enjoyably access goods and services.

We help buildings and businesses enhance their compliance to disability laws.

Stephen Duke

Hunter, Team Lead

Morgan Savy

John Jay


UNiBUDDY is a web and mobile application that allows students to connect, engage, and find resources they need all in one place. With the global growth rate of students pursuing a higher education increasing by 4.2% per year, there is an even greater need for UNiBUDDY, the app that puts your college campus on line, and on your time.

Jorge Guaman Palaguachi

Baruch, Team Lead

Madison Paredes


Anastasiya Uraleva


November 9th - 12th
Monday - Thursday Showcase

– Monday –

11:00 AM – ApplyHUB

12:00 PM – DocIT

– Wednesday –

11:00 AM – TacMAPS

11:30 AM – Project GBOYF

12:00 PM – Crystal & Bone

12:30 PM – Silto

– Thursday –

11:00 AM – Explorer

12:00 PM – UniBUDDY

12:30 PM – Aisle Hunter

1:00 PM – Ermos

November 13th
Friday ZOOM Demo Day

10:45 – 11:00 am | Checkin

11:00 – 11:05 am | Opening Remarks

11:05 – 11:15 am | Judges Introductions

– Startups Pitches & Q&A –

1) 11:15 | ApplyHUB

2) 11:25 | TacMAPS

3) 11:35 | Crystal & Bone

4) 11:45 | DocIT

5) 11:55 | Aisle Hunter

6) 12:05 | Silto 

7) 12:15 | Project Get Back on Your Feet

– Startups Q&A (Continued) –

8) 12:25 | Ermos

9) 12:35 | Explorer

10) 12:45 | UniBUDDY

Judges Deliberate

Top Investor Award

Fan Favorite Award

Judges 3rd Place Award

Judges 2nd Place Award

Judges 1st  Place Award
Closing Remarks


How do I vote for startups?

You will need to download the iPhone Pre app or the  Android Pre app to view startup videos and vote for your favorite startups.

What will take place between November 9th and November 12th?

The startups will be showcasing their teams on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday on Discord. 

How do I find your event using the Pre App?

You can find out instructions on how to use the app by going to https://pre.vc/support/

HWhat is Discord?

Discord is a cool platform that empowers people to hangout and connect with others. We are using the platform to showcase our startups. You can find out more by going to: https://discord.com/

The Pre app is asking for an event code. How do I get one?


How can I view startups on Discord?

You can use the following link to join us on Discord: https://discord.gg/cgNSGpSfsS

How do I participate in the Zoom event on November 13th?

Use this link to participate.


What is the agenda for the Zoom event on Friday 11/13?

How do I join a Zoom Event

Zoom has excellent information on how to join a meeting. Please visit Zoom by clicking here.

Introducing our Judges

Sarah Leners

Venture Capital Senior Associate at Bull City Venture Partners

Paraj Mathur

Investor at BIP Capital

Mendy Yang

Investor at Soma Capital

Jasleen Kaur

Venture Investor at CreditEase Fintech Investment Fund

Chaarvi Badani

VC Associate @ AmFam Instt | Impact Investing and Social Entrepreneurship

Alex Ferber

Partner at Green Egg Ventures

For any inquiries please email