2017 Spring Hackathon

“We came up with this awesome game idea of something completely impossible and 20-some hours later we deployed it!”

Claire, BMCC

“Mentors were superb. They would actually come up to your table and see what your success rate is and help.”

Tamim, BMCC

“This was my first time working on a team that was all women – and it was amazing!”

Claire, BMCC

Spring 2017 Winners

1st Price, Ricoh Theta 360
2nd Prize, BB8 Droid
Honorable Mention, Axtion
Honorable Mention, Addie
Honorable Mention: attenDONE

Spring 2017 Theme: Hack Your Resume

Choose an idea or a problem to solve that a tech company in NYC would be impressed by. Have a project you are proud of to add to your resume. Design a new product or service for Etsy? Build an app for eBay? The sky is the limit.


Will there be workshops?

Yes. The best tech minds from IBM, Google, and other NYC tech companies will run workshops to teach cutting-edge tools, languages and APIs. 

Are hackers allowed to leave?

Yes, while attendance is required all three days, hackers are allowed to leave the facilities to go home. DO NOT remove your wristband. 

Is there a minimum or maximum number of people per team?

Ideally, there should be 3-5 people per team. 

Do i need to have an idea?

No, you can join a team and decide on an idea to work on together. 

Will there be food?


will there be prizes?

Yes! Absolutley

I can’t code. Should I still attend?

That’s okay! If you are a beginner coder, come to workshops and talk with mentors who can help guide you. If you’re not a coder, other skill sets (design, marketing) are still welcome and useful for teams. 

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